DIY Tablet Case: Microsoft Surface #WindowsChampions

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**Full Disclosure: As part of the Windows Champions blogger program, I will be loaned two devices (with Windows 8.1) for the next year.  I will also have the opportunity to learn more about Windows and Microsoft.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

DIY Tablet Case |

I ADORE my Microsoft Surface (more on that soon) but just carrying it in my bag was scratching up the backside so I wanted a case that was cute and functional.  With my mom’s help, I made a DIY tablet case – envelope style – for the Surface!  No more scratches on my tablet!

DIY Tablet Case – Envelope Style:

What You’ll Need:

  • Sewing machine (and all the things that come with that – straight pins, thread, scissors, etc)
  • Fabric – I used flannel – at least 1/2 yard
  • Fusible batting – at least 1/2 yard
  • 1 (one) button, optional.

Tablet Case - Before Sewing |

How To: 

  • Measure out two pieces of fabric.  (For the Surface, measurements are: 13″ wide and 22″ tall and batting – 12 1/2″ wide and 21 1/2″ tall.)
  • Iron your batting to the wrong side of one piece of fabric.
  • Put your two pieces of fabric right sides together.  Pin them in place.
  • Leaving a 4-inch opening at on the bottom, sew the two pieces of fabric together.
  • Remove the pins and turn your case inside out.
  • Fold the seams of the opening in and pin.
  • Iron the whole thing flat.
  • Top stitch the bottom edge (where the 4″ opening is) and the flap at 1/4″.
  • Fold the bottom up toward the point (1/2″ from the start of the taper).  (For the Surface, you’ll need the fold to be 8″ tall.)
  • Pin the two edges together and top stitch down the sides at 3/8″.
  • Add a button, if you wish.

The fabric will start out looking like a really tall house.  Once you fold and sew, it’ll look more envelope-ish.

**You could also make your tablet case reversible by using two different pieces of fabric rather than just one.

Tablet Case - Halfway |

Having a case made to fit my personality is so much fun!  This purple one was the trial-run and it’s a little tight (the Surface with touch cover doesn’t fit!).  I also made a reversible case that is a little big, but I like it so much better!

Would you make your own tablet case?!

Tablet Case - Envelope Style |

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  1. says

    Woman you are so stinking crafty, That case is perfect for you and that glittery button is my favorite. I want a epic with the tablet case and your sensibly sara tee. Perfect combo


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