Awesome Deck of Awesome {#Review}

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**Full Disclosure:  I received the Deck of Awesome cards for review purposes.  No other compensation was exchanged.  All opinions are my own.

Deck of Awesome Cards for Boys |

In the 9 years we’ve had kids in our home, my husband and I have gone through so many different rules and tools.  When I was asked if I would review the Awesome Deck of Awesome cards for boys, I immediately said yes.  I thought implementing the cards as currency in our home would be a great way to give positive reinforcement.

About Awesome Deck of Awesome Cards: 

The Awesome Deck of Awesome (ADoA) is a positive reinforcement tool for children (of all ages). It’s a fun way to bring awesomeness into a child’s life and teach them valuable lessons about planning, earning, and saving without resorting to sweets or money.

The ADoA can be used as currency in your ‘family economy’, where values can be set by you together with your children. In addition, the cards themselves are cool for kids to trade and collect. Each card is unique and has an awesome message to reinforce positive behavior and motivate kids.

The minute I opened the package, my boys were intrigued.  They wanted to know what I had and if I’d let them have the cards.  I told them that the cards would be earned when they did AWESOME things and we would come up with an ‘earnings chart’.

The earnings chart was pretty simple:

1 card = a BEAR hug

5 cards = a ‘special drink’ (tea, chocolate milk, juice) with dinner

10 cards = stay up 20 minutes longer than normal


Awesome Deck of Awesome cards went over really well at first.  But then James & Colin started misplacing the cards they’d earned and didn’t have anything to turn in for rewards.  I am still testing different storage methods, but so far I think an envelope on the fridge has worked the best.

Deck of Awesome for Boys |

All in all, I’d recommend the Awesome Deck of Awesome cards!  The designs are fun and kids are invested in earning more.

What does positive reinforcement at your house look like?

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  1. Love this concept! And I think Sweet T is old enough to “get it” now.

  2. Cindy Dawkins says:

    These are so cute and useful!

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