Onward and Downward! #Mamavation #iHeartOmron {Week 2}

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I know the saying is “Onward and Upward,” but I don’t want to go UP in numbers, so I’ve changed it to “Onward and Downward!!”  Week 1 was good and I am starting to feel a little different.  I am hoping week 2 is just as enjoyable {better, even!} and I continue to feel the changes!

I have been using and enjoying the Omron 323-U pedometer and the Omron 510W Scale!  I know it’s not recommended, but I can’t help but jump on that scale every morning and write down the difference in numbers.  Wednesday of last week I really freaked out when my fat number jumped 10 points, but then it was back to normal on Thursday.

Some things that worked for me:

  • Having prepared lunches REALLY helped.
  • The workouts were good.  I decided my 3lb weights weren’t doing as much as they could be, so I bought 8lb weights.
  • Pacing the house!  We don’t have the space for a treadmill and I don’t belong to a gym (yet!), so I’ve taken up pacing.  When my husband and I watch our TV shows after the kids are in bed, I walk from one side of the living room to the other and back again.  The hubs doesn’t like it!  He says it makes him nervous and it looks like I have to go to the bathroom.
  • Wednesdays are SO BUSY at our house.  In the evenings I volunteer as the secretary for the AWANA program at our church.  I spend my time pacing around my space and walking up and down the 1st flight of steps!

Some things I need to get better at: 

  • Getting all my steps in.  My goal is 10K steps EVERY day.  For most of week1, I was only at 5K per day.  I am hoping the nicer weather will help me increase my steps!
  • Snacking.  Other than fruit, I have a hard time deciding what to grab, so I just don’t (which is better than grabbing junk!) have anything.

This week’s numbers (with the help of my husband):

  • Application Weight (this was December, I believe) – 219
  • Weight – 216.2
  • Waist – 47.5 (Either the hubs didn’t measure correctly last week or I GAINED 2 inches.  I don’t think I gained!)
  • Hips – 47
  • Arms – 16.5 (L), 16 3/4 (R)
  • Thighs – 26.5 (L), 28.5 (R)
  • Chest – 38.5
  • Bust – 45.5

Total weight loss (SO FAR): 2.8 lbs.

I can’t wait to see what next week’s numbers bring!

A friend and I are participating in {walking} the Graffiti Run this Sunday (1/27)!  It’ll be my second 5K and I can’t wait!

What are some of your favorite {healthy} snacks?


**Full Disclosure: This post is sponsored Omron Fitness as a collaboration with Bookieboo Blogging Network and Mamavation – a community dedicated to weight loss for women and obesity prevention for families.  I was provided with product and compensation for my time and honest opinions. 

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Sara Phillips writes about her kids & husband, recipes, life, and activities. She also enjoys writing reviews and hosting giveaways. Sara and her family live in San Antonio, TX.

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  1. Great job moving on DOWN! LOL
    For snacks I do nuts, apples, pineapple, yogurt….

  2. These are some great ideas! I love the pacing, sitting is overrated, but when you work at a computer, hard to avoid.

  3. You are doing awesome!I can see you pacing in my mind. :) Keep it up Sara!

  4. I’m a peanut butter and apple girl.

    GREAT job, Sara!

  5. It’s good progress! You’re doing great, keep it up!!

  6. Great job!!!!!! I was having a hard time getting the steps in as well!!!

  7. I’m a raw almond snacker. I need to move more toward macadamia nuts but for now, it’s all about almonds! Congratulations on moving onward and downward, I like the phrase a lot.

  8. That is so awesome. Way to go! Healthy snacks for me would be a Granny Smith apple or granola bar!

  9. Woot! Awesome job Sara!!!

  10. woot! Love your downward!

    I am total opposite then you. I am afraid of the scale! I never want to get on. hee hee. :)

    For snack I eat nuts, dried fruit (do you have a Trader Joes?), and hummus with peppers.

  11. Pacing! You’re so creative! Way to go! I think I’ll try that, too (if I don’t run or go to zumba I have a difficult time getting all the steps in).

  12. Wow, you’re doing awesome! Keep up the great work!

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